History of the Bags of Changarrito

In 2015, bags are made for the Exhibition of Changarrito 3650 days (and counting...) at Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, Puerto Vallarta, coinciding with the 10 years of the creation of Changarrito Project.

Also in 2015, Mexic Arte Museum Changarrito Tote Bags come out, creation of the Graphic Designer  Sixto-Juan Zavala, conceived foR Changarrito Exhibition at the mentioned museum in Austin, TX.

In 2014, the New Bags ‘Changarrito / AGUASCALIENTES’,
defining tendencies at 

In December, 2013, there was an Exhibition of Changarrito at 'ArtCareyes', and here below a wide variety of bags and colors. 

In October, 2013, a line of Gift-Bags is launched, for the 'Fowler Museum', for its 50th Anniversary, in  color blue and gold.

In May, 2013, opportunity in which Changarrito travelled to the 55th Edition of the Venice Biennial, in order to partcipate in the promotion of the artist Ariel Guzik, a series of bags were made in which the logo of Cordiox project by Guzik was captured, by the hand of Changarrito. 

At the beginning of 2013, Changarrito took part in the "Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts", with its collection of bags made especially  for the occasion. 

Also at the beginning of 2013, because of the participation of Changarrito in the exhibition ‘Transtios’, at Artpace, San Antonio, Texas, exclusive designs were created for this event, and with renewed logo.  

In 2012, another line of bags was launched, whose focus was the already famous logo of Changarrito. 

During the same year 2012, the bags were renewed, with a motif inspired by the multiple trips of Changarrito, across countries and cities base of Art and fashion. The set of bags plays with transparency with prints, metallized fabric, details that make  that a simple bag turns into a collectable object. 


Some years before, in 2009, Changarrito launched its first model of bags, with printed and plain designs, and with a wide range of colors.